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Videos Kintsugi Initiation Kit

Introductory videos of traditional Kintsugi art with the kit.


The ancestral art of Kintsugi is much more complex and stems from a real philosophy where the choice of precise materials, used for centuries, cannot be reduced to a few glitter in a tube.

It is in this spirit that I would like to suggest you this tradition by a more authentic approach, thanks to the box containing the basic elements which will allow a total immersion in the universe of Kintsugi.

With the initiation kit, you will be able to discover the different materials used by Kintsugi craftsmen.
Videos detailing each step of creation, from rebuilding to smoothing through sanding and polishing.

Mixtures with urushi and bengara lacquer will hold no secrets for you!
These 7-step videos will be a great introduction to a step-by-step discovery of Kintsugi art.

Kit initiation kintsugi
Video kit whith access code
Flyer kit
Step n° 1 Mugiurushi-Free access
Step n°2  Charcoal - Free access
Step n°3 Sabi
Step n°4  Sanding
Step n°5  Black lacquer
Step n°6 Sanding Black lacquer
Setp n°7 Red Lacquer
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