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The practice of the ancestral Kintsugi repair technique must respect certain criteria

and essential steps, requiring finesse and dexterity.


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What is Kintsugi

The history of kintsugi, an artistic repair technique unique to Japan, Comes from

"Cha-no-yu" (the tea ceremony).

The first appearances of cha-no-yu date back to the Muromachi (15th - 16th

century), Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo (16th - 17th century) periods, Originally, this

practice was reserved for the intellectual and political elite, exclusively male (rich

merchants, aristocrats and Daimyos equivalent of local lords.

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How and where to 
learn the art of Kinstugi

Kintsugi Art Courses

How to learn the tradional Japanese of kintsugi

the calendar of kintsugi courses (5 days) for beginners and experts in 2024

Kintsugi Art in provence in MARSEILLE

5 days of initiation (excluding weekends) Friday October 11 to Thursday October 17

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Make a Muro for Kintsugi

Sometimes, in his great magnanimity, he offered utensils and granted exceptional authorization for the organization of these ceremonies as a reward during prestigious military victories.


3R Rule of Kintsugi

The industrial era has caused society to slide towards overconsumption with which it is easier to replace a faulty product rather than repair it. It is often difficult to imagine that a damaged.


kintsugi the art of patience

I am taking the liberty of writing this post in order to re-establish certain truths about the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi, practiced with passion by many of us.


Japanese creative

With our modern consumerist lifestyle it is sometimes difficult to imagine that an imperfection can be a guarantee of value and beauty. In the traditional Japanese art of KIN.

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